• 08 December / 2021
  • 09 December / 2021
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Taichung City Second Market


The 100-year-old Taichung City Second Market is located on Sanmin Road and Taiwan Boulevard. It was a place of pricy extravagant merchandise in the Japanese colonial period.
The center of the market is marked by a historic hexagon architecture. In early times, it was an important market where daily commodities were gathered and distributed. Due to the wide variety of goods, vendors were placed in different sections in the hexagon layout.
The Second Market is also a place where you can find delicious local food of Taichung. Some of the iconic traditional deliciousness that can be traced back to generations ago include braised pork belly with rice, white jute, mushroom and meat soup, black tea, noodles, etc. Any food vendor you find in the market is probably a gourmet-certified eatery. It is the place to visit for some traditionally flavored Taichung snacks.

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