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Taichung State Government

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Taichung State Government is a government building still in use designed by Moriyama Matsunosuke in the Japanese colonial period. The Taipei State Government (now the Control Yuan) and Tainan State Government (now National Museum of Taiwan Literature) are works of the Japanese architect as well.
It is easily accessible and convenient as it situates nearby Taichung Railway Station, modern shopping district and traditional old street. The state government building along with the subordinating complexes are designated as historic buildings.
The state government building is a French mansard-style architecture featuring a two-story L-shape floor plan. The architecture faces east with a tower structure in the middle. The entrance on the ground level is adorned with Doric columns, while the second floor is constructed with ionic columns. The inward balcony design is to enhance the shading effect on the facade.
After appreciating the extravagant architectural details of Taichung State Government, you can also stop by the neighboring Taichung Shiyakusho for some afternoon tea! 

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