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Zhongxiao Night Market

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Dated back to the Japanese colonial period, Zhongxiao Night Market is the place of abundant late-night snack choices in Taichung City. Meat, seafood, grilled duck, beverages, oyster vermicelli, etc, you name it. It is also where the renowned Ding Wang Spicy Hot Pot originated.
Unlike other shopping districts, Zhongxiao Night Market is known exclusively for the delicious food. Situated next to the Third Market which closes in the afternoon, Zhongxiao Nigh Market starts warming up right after the Third Market closes, so most vendors do not open until 4 in the afternoon.
Most food come in a satisfying portion at a cheap price, so you can devour it all at once without concerning over a tight budget. Some of the must-try dishes include bamboo rice, fried chicken, Zhongxiao BBQ, vermicelli and sugarcane juice.

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