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CMP Block Museum of Arts

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CMP Block Museum of Arts is located in the area between National Museum of Natural Science and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. It is the first organic and wall-less art museum in Taiwan. It encompasses the surrounding areas of Calligraphy Greenway. The museum encourages the engagement of artists and characteristic stores in the block to promote art through the exhibition of approachable arts. A new aesthetic that is both static and dynamic is created as visitors who interact with art installations also become part of the art.

In addition to the indoor exhibition hall of CMP Block Museum which is renovated from an old school, there is an outdoor exhibition area designed based on the layout of a village which includes two areas, the Sundial Ranch and Invisible Houses. The museum invites artists from various fields to create interesting and inspiring art installations to allow more people to appreciate art through interactions, making art more relatable in life.

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