About the COVID-19

Dear Guest,

In response to COVID-19, TEMPUS HOTEL has carried out precautions and safety measures as follow:

* Frontline employees are fully equipped with masks.
* Alcohol disinfectants are available at the main public areas.
* All guest rooms are sterilized.
* Hotel cleaning staffs regularly disinfect the entire areas to maintain a clean environment.
* Forehead Thermometers are available at the counters. Hotel staffs will help guests to check their body temperature and strengthen guests' self-protection.

【Important Announcement】
Please keep a safe distance and wear a mask.
Please wear a mask when taking meals.

To reduce the risk of infection, TEMPUS HOTEL has taken countermeasures as follow:
●Visitor's forehead temperature is above 37.5°C.
●Visitor entry Taiwan prohibited by CDC.
●Visitor requires self-quarantine and home quarantine.
TEMPUS HOTEL sincerely apologizes for not able to accommodate above guests.