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Foot Massage
Guests may personalize massages to accommodate one’s preferences. Foot massages can stimulate peripheral nerves thus increasing body circulation and cell activation, relieve stress, and restore your body to homeostasis.
Full-body Massage
Our certified masseurs/masseuses are highly skilled and use a unique rhythm and technique to perform our ever popular body massages. These treatments are greatly effective in stimulating body circulation, releasing muscle tension, and strengthening the immune system.
Oil Massage
The combination of professional massage techniques and quality oils will thoroughly relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and enhance flexibility. Other benefits include promoting skin health and increasing vital energy flow, making this treatment especially suitable for ladies.
Gua Sha
Depending on guests’ specific conditions, Gua Sha can be used to positively stimulate nerves and increase lymph circulation thus promoting the relief of bodily discomforts.
Foot Cuticle Treatment
Designed not only for treating cuticles but also for repairing various foot conditions including peeling, calluses, and corns.
Basic nail trimming service and ingrown nail treatment.

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